May – June 2018  – Repair of m/v «Amadore». Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, hatch covers, hatch coamings, superstructure, main deck and masts – total 17000 m2 . Tail-shaft withdrawal for inspection, disassembling of bow thruster, inspection, spare parts renewal assembling on place. Light steel  repair on Main Deck according to shipyard inspection report. Repair of hatch cover hydraulic pipes and other pipelines – 1200 rm. Repair of Hatch Covers: removal/transportation of hatch covers ashore, rubber packing repair, hatch cover steel renewal as to inspection report, overhauling of roller, adjustment, presenting to Owner representative. Overhauling of main engine, auxiliary engines, coolers, pumps, el. Equipment, valves according to specification.