Training procedure in the educational and training center:

  1. DSC 7243a smRegistration for training courses shall be implemented PERSONALLY.
  2. For course acceptance you should arrive for the training center, situated at address: 65114, 69 Levitana str., Odessa city, Ukraine, daily from 9.00 till 16.00 (Saturday, Sunday – days off).
  3. Documents, necessary for training course acceptance:
    • Ukraine's citizen passport (or copy)
    • Seaman's passport (or copy)
    • Certificate of competency with endorsement (or copy)
    • Photo card – 1 piece for each certificate (3x4, color, matt, without corner)

On successful course completion receipt of documents shall be implemented PERSONALLY

Further reference on training center procedure, documents formalities etc. should be done directly at the training office by telephone numbers:
(048) 788 07 11, (094) 886 07 11