PJSC "ISRY" has its own laboratory, which experts perform quality work in the field of non-destructive testing method.
Works are carried out in the following areas:
  1. Ultrasonic inspection method;
  2. The x-ray method of control;
  3. Capillary method of control;
  4. Dye penetrant;
  5. Magnetic particle inspection;
  6. Determination of the mechanical characteristics of the various materials;
  7. Determining macrostructure of different materials;
  8. Test for resistance against intercrystalline corrosion;
  9. Control of the fracture;
  10. Determination of the chemical composition;
  11. Physical - chemical test.
The laboratory staff received training and qualifications in accordance with international standards EN 473, ISO 9712, which is confirmed by the available certificates.