September 2019 – Repair of m/v «KOCIEWIE».

Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, Hatch Covers (inside part), Cargo Cranes – total 19500 m2.

Measurement of rudder and tail-shaft clearances. Renewal if Cargo and Provision Cranes wire ropes, inspection of winches, sheaves, repair of Grabs.

After travel test of hatch covers of sealing rubber were repair. Repair of hydraulic pipeline of Hatch Covers, adjustment, presentation in operation.

According to presented by Owner project ballast water treatment system PureBallast by Alfa Laval Company was installed.

All works were finished according to project, presented to Crew, Alfa Laval inspector and tested in operation.

Repair of different systems pipeline on vessel . Repair of mechanical and electric equipment were made in Engine Room according to repair specification.