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In period between February and May 2017 dock repairs and modernization of m/v "Rodion Oslyabya" were carried out. 


During contract implementation following works were carried out: 

  1. Fabrication of two new inserts consisting of the side and bottom sections. Overall dimensions of the insert are 15,6х16,5х5,5 m and weight - 127 ton each.
  2. Extension of four hatch covers by 7,8х13,2 rm each.
  3. Complete sand blasting and painting of new sections from the inside with total area 4700 m2.
  4. Fabrication and installation of 2 corrugated hold bulkheads.
  5. Docking operation with preliminary installation of cradles for vessel's  parts separation
  6. Two cuts were carried out across the ship's hull with subsequent operation of ship's separation in 3 parts. For above operation railway tracks of total length as 320 rm and cradles in amount of 9 pieces SWL 75 ton each were installed.
  7. Installation of insert sections with subsequent welding was carried out - total length of welding seams is 3000 rm. Installation was carried out by means of harbour crane "Bogatyr" SWL 100 ton.
  8. Simultaneously with vessel’s modernization the repairs of ship’s hull was carried out.
  9. Complete disassembly and repairs of propulsion and steering gears were carried out.
  10. Modernization of bilge and ballast systems.
  11. During repairs accommodation including all the decks was complete converted and repaired.
  12. Hatch covers hydraulic system was converted including installation of additional hydraulic station.
  13. During repairs, multiple measurements of ship’s geometry were carried out.
  14. Technical supervision of the ship was carried out round-the-clock by the shipyard’s engineering department.
  15. Different systems pumps, electrical motors and ER pipelines were maintained.
  16. 6ЧРН36/45 (Г70) engines overhauling was carried out in scope of major overhaul.
  17. Upon completion of the repair works  inclining experiment was carried out.
  18. All works  were carried out within timeframes and submitted to Customer, Class Surveyor and Yard’s QCD.  

April - July 2017  - Dry Dock Repair, modernization of m/v «Greendale».

During performance of this project following works were made:

  • 100% Cleaning, painting of hull, hatch covers (inside/outside part), cargo holds, hatch coamings according to paint scheme - 32000 m2;
  • For assess and fire works permission gasfree of fuel oil tank were made ;
  • Complete removal of old Cargo Cranes, cutting and removal of steel construction for new crane foundation, fabrication and installation of new foundations OD4000x11000mm (2pc) according to project documentation. Installation of foundation supports - 49000kg. Installation of adapters with flange for Cargo Crane, alignment, welding, presentation to Liebherr Service Engineer. After preparation works new Cargo Cranes were fitted on place;
  • To ensure operation of new Cargo Cranes by Ship Yard specialists additional Diesel Engine was installed in Engine Room with fabrication and installation of new pipeline systems (cooling, lubrication, exhaust), electrical cable lines, connection to vessel systems;
  • Complete repair of Hatch Covers - transportation of hatch covers ashore, installation on test bench. According to Ship Yard technical inspection report hatch covers steel constructions repair were made, renewal of rubber packing. According to inspection report wear of hatch cover midsection and foundation pins seat places were found. Damaged pins seat places were welded and inner surfaces machined to actual size. After repair all hatch cover panels were mounted on place, adjusted and presented to Crew and Owner representative;
  • During Dry Docking repair withdrawal of tail shaft, intermediate shaft and bow thruster were disassembled, cleaned, inspected and assembled. According to order aft thruster was fabricated and installed (according to project aft thruster tunnel was made, vessel steel constructions were removed for tunnel installation, installation of tunnel on place, welding of tunnel and additional reinforcement, assembling of aft thruster);
  • According to technical instruction vessels (ballast tanks, bottom plating, cargo holds) steel constructions were repaired ;
  • Repair of light steel on main deck. Fabrication and installation of additional mooring equipment on main deck (mooring rollers, hawses, fabrication of foundation for new mooring winches and mounting on place);
  • Repair of different system pipelines on main deck and in Engine room according to Ship Yard inspection report;
  • To connect the new Cargo Cranes and systems to the ship's power supply system, the cable was routed, laid and unfastened
  • Main Engine and diesel generators coolers, turbochargers, pumps and other equipment were overhauled and presented in operation to Crew and Owner representative.

June 2017 – Repair of m/v «Paolo U». Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, and hatch covers – total 27000 m2. Measurements of tail shaft and rudder blade. Steel repair in TST ballast tanks as to Owner representative markings – 34000kg. Preparation of steel repair reports for presentation to Surveyor. Repair of pipelines of different systems in ER and MD – 150rm. Repair of valves and equipment of Engine Room. Repair of light steel on main deck, Cargo cranes support and jib as to Owners request. Repair of hatch Cover, windlass and mooring winches hydraulic equipment on Main Deck.


June 2017  – Repair of m/v «Saronic Spire». Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, and hatch covers – total 24000 m2. Measurements of tail shaft and rudder blade. Repair of Hatch Covers: Overhauling of hydraulic cylinders – 12 pcs, 100% repair of rubber packing; renewal of rubber channel, drain channel – 1700 rm; adjustment of resting pads, tightness testing and presenting to Owner representative and Surveyor. Cleaning and gasfree of Fuel oil tanks for hot works – 1600 m3, for repair of sounding pipes. Repair of pipelines of different systems in ER and MD – 420 rm. Repair of valves and equipment of Engine Room. Repair of light steel on main deck, Cargo cranes cabins as to Owners request.


June 2017  – Repair of m/v «Assimina II». Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, and hatch covers – total 22000 m2 . Tail-shaft withdrawal for inspection. Light steel renewal on Main Deck according to shipyard inspection report. Repair of different systems pipelines. Repair of Hatch Covers: overhauling of hydraulic cylinders, partial renewal of rubber packing, hatch cover steel repair as to inspection report, adjustment, presenting to Owner representative. Repair of different el.motors, pumps, boiler and other engine room equipment. Repair of cargo Grabs hydraulic system.