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In period from January till February 2019 dock repair of dredger hopper (floating excavator) MP-26 was carried out: repair of hull, blasting and painting. Complementary to dock works the Yard carried out repair of spuds. The work described above is rather complicated as spuds have got considerable dimensions and weight herewith they must be of precise dimensions with the smallest possible deviations. The length of spud is almost 32 m (as high as 9-store building), and the weight is 52 ton. During spud repair the high strength steel was used that is not typical for ship repair - 30 mm thick. Engineers of our technical department have developed the repair procedure, and the welding department has calculated welding conditions with account of strains and deformations making allowance for real conditions and environment. Welding has been carried out precisely in accordance with procedure using imported flux-cored wire in Ar+CO2. All works were carried out under Customer's technical supervision and QD permanent monitoring using modern measuring equipment. Works were carried out to the highest standard and in due time.


January 2019  – Repair of m/v «Wikanda Naree». Dry Docking and emergency repair of fore peak steel constructions. All works were finished in short time and according to Technical requirements, presented to Owner and Surveyor Representatives. 


In period from November - December 2018 dock repairs of m/v «Tanais Flyer» were carried out. Hull, hatch covers and cargo holds cleaning and painting were performed (inner side - total area 18100 m2). Rudder and tailashaft were repaired. Repair of cargo cranes ropes was carried out, as well as winches and sheaves inspection. Gas free inspection of all fuel tanks was carried out with subsequent steam heating pipeline testing. Steelwork was repaired in scope of 10 ton. Partial repair of main engine was carried out. Repair of different pumps and electric motors was carried out - more than 10 pcs. Pipeline systems were repaired in scope of 150 rm. Despite of unfavourable weather conditions all works were carried out in agreed term and submitted to the Owner and Class.


December 2018  – Repair of f/c « JinHangJun 407». Dry Docking cleaning and painting of Hull, superstructure, deck equipment, cargo crane. Removal ashore of Steel supporting piles, inspection, preparation of Inspection report, repair of piles according to inspection report. Hull thickness measurement, preparation of technical documentation and repair accordingly. Repair of Engine Room equipment according to repair specification.


In November 2018  - emergency repair of m/v "Volgodon 211" was carried out. Within the shortest possible time propeller shaft was renewed with alignment of propeller and coupling with intermediate shaft. The works on small maintenance of hull constructions, ER machinery and pipelines were carried out as well.