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May 2017 (12 repair days) ‑ Repair of m/v «MAZOWSZE». Grit blasting, painting of Hull ‑ total 12350 m2. Cleaning, painting of Cargo Cranes #1-4. Tail shaft measurements, cleaning, polishing of propeller. Repair of overboard valves and pipelines according to inspection report. Overhauling of Hatch Cover hydraulic cylinders. Washing, cleaning of Cargo Holds #1-5 after last cargo.


February - March (32 days)  – Repair of m/v «Kaunas Seaways». Grit blasting, painting of Hull  – total 9500 m2 . Withdrawal of tail shaft PSbS, transportation to w/shop, complete disassembling of CPP propeller, repair of damaged parts. Remove/refit of rudder blades for access. Renewal of bow thruster as to inspection report. Installation of fire protective insulation Class A60 on Cargo Deck sealing - 749m2. Gasfree cleaning of fuel tanks and Engine Room works in Engine Room. Repair of different systems pipelines. Repair of steel plates on Cargo Deck, light steel works. 


February - March (25 repair day)  – Repair of m/v «Iraklis». Grit blasting, painting of Hull, Cargo Holds, and hatch covers – total 26900 m2 . Withdrawal of tail shaft, inspection, sealing repair. Steel repair in Top side and Double bottom ballast tanks as to Owners representative markings, preparation of technical documentation. Light steel repair on Main Deck. Repair of different systems pipelines. Repair of Hatch Covers: overhauling of hydraulic cylinders – 20 pcs, repair of rubber packing, hatch cover steel repair as to inspection report, adjustment, presenting to Owner representative. Repair of different el.motors, pumps and other engine room equipment. Repair of cargo Grabs.


In period between the 09th of November 2016 and 25th of February 2017 docking repairs of m/v "MEROVING", flag  Malta, was carried out. Thickness measurement of hull constructions was performed, as well as repair of bilge keel damaged area, complete treatment, painting of ship's outer hull with total area of 4305 m2, repair of overboard, transverse and drain valves, repair of seals and insulation of ME waste-heat flue; remote ballast valve actuators were repaired; accommodation ladders and ladders in cargo spaces were repaired.

The most labour intensive part of repairs was  rudder propeller unit maintenance, consisting of two azimuth thrusters ROLLS ROYCE US-150. In course of repairs azimuth thrusters were completely disassembled by PRSC ISRY technicians. All the works were carried out under supervision by ROLLS ROYCE service engineer with high evaluation of works quality been carried out. Disassembly/inspection/ reassembly of azimuth thruster units were performed in workshop of the shipyard. In-service all the bearings and thruster seals were repaired and balancing of propellers were carried out. Upon completion of workshop repairs all the machinery was refit back on-board and submitted in running condition to the Customer and Class Surveyor without any objections. 


In period between the 17th of January and the 22nd of February another order was performed by “ISRY” company - Pontoon “BOUKJE”.

Within the dock repairs, complete treatment and painting of the hull was carried out, as well as modernization and conversion.

On the Customer’s project, out of simple pontoon the dredging vessel was made; with this purpose through cylindrical wells were inserted from main deck to bottom and anchoring spud legs were installed, with length 24 m each.   For the spud legs operation pulling-and-running mechanisms were installed – foundations, wheels, winches and other necessary elements. A lot of machining operations were carried out. 

For ISRY, such work appeared to be new and not typical, however range of highly skilled specialist and material base allows making daring decisions and carrying out highly difficult tasks. Despite of arising technical difficulties owing to high professionalism of engineers of hull department and technical department engineers the work was carried out qualitative and on time.

Today pontoon is successfully working in area of Port  Yuzhnyi.