isrzChernomorsk Shiprepair Yard was established in 1951 in convenient harbour of Sukhoi Estuary ( the northwestern Black Sea). It has favorable location: close to Chernomorsk (ex Ilyichevsk) Sea port, 15 km from International airport and about 20 km from Odessa. Besides, ships calling at Chernomorsk in winter have the additional benefit of mild climatic conditions here.

Since the foundation of Shiprepair Yard, it has carried out repair works of all vessels types, using the latest technology. In 2006, the company changed ownership from public to private. These changes, along with increased activity of  Shiprepair Yard in the world ship repair market led to a comprehensive modernization of the production capacity of the Yard.

Today  Chernomorsk Shiprepair Yard is the largest Ukrainian shiprepair who provides first class facilities for any kind of ship repair and conversion. Nowadays the company is capable to repair all types of ships up to Panamax size including technically advanced types of vessels such as car carriers, ro-ro, ferries, Panamax product tankers, multipurpose vessels and container carriers.

Today staff of  Shiprepair Yard accounts 1200 specialists skilled in naval architecture, mach inery repair, piping, electronics, etc. Technical and engineering depatments provide support of repair process at all stages of repair. The yard's capabilities are enhanced by a large local network of sub contractors qualified in a variety of specialities.

DOCKSFloating dock № 152Floating dock № 154Floating dock № 5 ZH-B
Material steel steel armoured concrete dock
Maximum length 225 m 225 m 90,9 m
Breadth between lateral pontoons 36,6 m 36,6 m 23,5 m
Lifting capacity 20000 tons 20000 tons 4000 tons
Travelling cranes 2 pcs. 15 tons each 2 pcs. 15 tons each 2 pcs. 5 tons each


Repair quays
Number of repair berths 12 pcs.
Depth 8 m
Overall length 2600 m
Number of cranes 8 pcs.


Own tugboats
Tugboat "Liman" 900 hp
Tugboat "Illyichevets" 300 hp


Additional self-floating facilities
Lifting capacity, tons
Floating crane №91 100
Floating crane №77 50
Bilge and sewage water collector 400

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of Chernomorsk Shiprepair Yard. That is why we are flexible and transparent in pricing.

You can be sure in our firm commitment in contract completion times as well.

Chernomorsk Shiprepair Yard provides a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 certified by Russian Register of Shippig. Staff of Quality Control department supervises each step of the repair process.

iso9001 rmrs

Besides, the company has more than 20 licenses for its main activities including the same of the Minis try of Economy, Gosgortekhnadzor.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
06.06.2014 and 01.07.2014

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