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Basic activities of Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard:

  • Repair and renewal of steel constructions;
  • Conversion work;
  • Repair of hatch covers/renewal;
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements;

Hull treatment

  • High pressure hydro jetting, scraping and wire-brushing;
  • Gritblasting up to SA 2,5 and painting of shell plating, decks and holds;
  • Ballast and cargo tanks blasting/painting;

Docking works

  • Sterntube seals renewals, tailshaft withdrawal for survey;
  • Repair of propulsion units with CPP;
  • Overhauling/repair of sea valves of all ship's systems;
  • Repair of steering gears;
  • Repair of propellers;
  • Recondition of Chrome liners for simplex seals;

Machinery and piping

  • Repair of main and auxiliary diesels and turbine plants;
  • Repair of all types of pumps and compressors;
  • Repair of turbocharges; Repair of refrigerating plants;
  • Repair of main and auxiliary boilers;
  • Recondition of vessel's spare parts for ME and DG;
  • Renewal and repair of pipelines.

Navigation and electrical equipment

  • Repair of electrical equipment and motors;
  • Repair of radio equipment;
  • Repair of electronic equipment;
  • Onboard repairs;
  • Various repairs on vessels during loading operations in;
  • Renewal and repair of cable lines.

 The additional works

  • The design and execution of works on the ILO conventions.
  • Work on the interior.
  • Renovation of sanitary vacuum systems vessel.
  • Repair and replacement of wooden covered deck.
  • Repair of deck settings using composite materials.
  • Definition, dismantling / disposal of asbestos-containing materials.